....WITHOUT giving up any of my favorite snacks and desserts!

Author: Susan V. 57       Posted: 3 days ago         Read time: 2 Min

19 out of 20 Women Don't Know This Method Exists!!!!

I was bitter! After my pregnancy I didn’t realize I was saying goodbye to my body. I resented my husband and my daughter for that.

I feel bad for even saying that. For years I would look in the mirror and despise the round and flabby belly that had never left since my daughter's birth. It has been decades.

I tried everything to get my body back. I was at the gym everyday, sometimes twice a day. I had always been active. I started cutting out my favorite snacks and any food that tasted good. I dreaded standing on the scale and only seeing it drop 1 maybe 2. I was devastated, but I pressed on and nearly tried every weight loss fad out there, but they never worked. I WAS STUCK AND MISERABLE!!

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I can't believe in my late 50's I have found myself again! I FEEL ALIVE!!!!!!!

Let alone the stresses of life never ceased, being a career woman, a mom, the struggle at the gym (HA!) I felt like I was being crushed.

And on top of that my intimacy with my husband vanished. My resentment of him increased after all that I had done for him. I caught him more and more staring at younger women.

All I ever wanted to be was the “perfect mom,” the “perfect wife,” I sacrificed everything, and as I looked in the mirror, it hit me like a ton of bricks. There was nothing perfect about me. All that sacrifice and I had lost myself.

Looking into my own eyes, I could see I was broken. I was angry all the time, exhausted, frumpy and the woman I swore I would never be. The emotions swelled up in me and I broke down in tears. Something needed to change. NOW!

But I couldn’t spend hours at the gym. I needed a solution that could fit realistically around my busy life. I couldn’t just create more hours to my already busy schedule. I began to search intently for anything that was fast and easy.

Feeling overwhelmed with the task at hand and not knowing how to proceed, everything came together when a friend shared a video explaining the “Breakfast Trick” I use today! It obviously worked for her. I was amazed at her results.  I was skeptical, but I had to do something and it worked for her. I decided to take a chance!!!! I Thank God that I did.

Surprisingly, the issues I was dealing with had NOTHING to do with genetics, diet and exercise. The Real issue was the toxins in our current environment, which start to “drip away” now I know this breakfast trick.

I am so excited! After years of no results and feeling stuck at 211, I am back to my true self at 129 and I am beyond thrilled and still shaking my head with disbelief. I have shared it with my daughter, who after her 2nd pregnancy and in her mid 30s was able to melt away the flab within less than a year, And my husband can’t keep his eyes off me and is keeping them where they belong… on ME!!! I am so happy about that and what it has done to our intimacy. I could say more… but won’t. 😉

Please, check out the video below to see how this “Breakfast Trick” works. It could just be the perfect thing for you…but you won’t know until you see for yourself!

Supporting your journey in health,

Susan V.

My motto is: A cup a day keeps the weight away!

I was told that the link to this video was only going to be available for a limited time, so give it a watch while it's still around.

To learn the "Breakfast Trick" click the play button below:


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